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We clean out your drains and tanks, not your pockets!

Action Rooter is the trusted name, call them today to unclog your drain!




Septic service Drain cleaning Bathroom

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We're confident that our prices are the lowest that you'll find. Feel free to call around to the competition for price checks, then call us back to get the best deal on your drain cleaning and septic service needs.

Drain Cleaning

Septic Services

Mainline With Accessible Inside Or

Outside Clean-Out


Mainline No Clean-Out

(Pull Toilet or Through Roof Vent)  


All Small Lines

(kitchen sink, bathroom sink, utility sink, washers,  floor-drains, toilets, urinals, tubs, and showers.


Septic Tank Pumping

(Includes Dump Fee)

$265.00 + mileage

Septic Tank Locating


Septic Locating and digging up to 2 feet deep


Mileage Fee For Rural Areas

Mainlines Over 100 feet long  


At Action Rooter and Young's Septic Service, we clean out your drains and tanks, not your pockets